Career Compass: How to Make the Best-Life Changing Decisions

July, 26th 2017 – As a part of partnership activities between International Wellbeing Center (IWC) and Wallstreet Indonesia (WSE), this July we delivered a talk show in one of WSE’s center in Ratu Plaza. During their social club session, we did a one hour talk to their professional members about how ..Continue Reading

Hack Your Body and Mind for Ramadan

  June 2017-International Wellbeing Center (IWC) was invited by Wallstreet English Center as wellness speakers in their social club activities on June 14th2017. This event marked the kick-off of partnership between IWC and Wallstreet Indonesia to give better services to their clients. IWC will be supporting Wallstreet as their professional ..Continue Reading

International Wellbeing Center & Integra Partnership

May 2017-Having the same mission and vision to support your lives with complete wellbeing, Integra and International Wellbeing Center (IWC) are working together in a partnership. Integra is the nation’s largest employee welfare benefits provider. On May 18th 2017, IWC supported the launching of Integra’s ForLife portal, the first holistic wellness ..Continue Reading

What is Counseling?

  Counseling is defined by the American Counseling Association as the professional relationship empowering diverse groups, families and individuals to achieve mental health, education, career and wellness goals. Through counseling, people get the help they may need to change the way they feel, behave and think, making it a collaborative ..Continue Reading

Finding the Best Well-Being Therapy in Jakarta

Everybody goes through different types of problems in their lifetime, but not everyone has the ability or the support they need to deal with such issues. If that is the case for you, don’t hesitate to go to a well-being therapy center in Jakarta for counseling and other services such ..Continue Reading

Seminar: Effective Disciplining: Factors Influencing a Child’s Behavior

“Many things can wait; the child cannot. Now it’s the time his bones are being formed, his mind is being developed. To him we cannot say tomorrow; his name is today.” Gabriela Mistral. This session will help participants better understand their child’s innate temperament and personality characteristics, and what shapes ..Continue Reading

Introducing Seminars

The International Wellbeing Center is happy to announce that we will now be hosting seminars at the center. Seminars are designed and delivered by one of our in house providers. We hope during a seminar you learn more about yourself and gain the skills to better address challenges in your life. Seminars are ..Continue Reading

Seminar: Self- Care: Remaining Resilient

Join us for a seminar. During a seminar a psychologist or specialist provides information and strageties for a particular subject to a small group of people. These sessions typically last an hour. Self- Care Remaining Resilient Seminar  Learn to identify ongoing symptoms of stress and how to find a more healthy ..Continue Reading

Signs of Behavioral Problems Not To Ignore

Making the decision to take our kids to see a psychologist can be distressing. And it can be. We get it. But, there usually there is a tipping point, a moment for many “been there, done that” parents, to finally make the decision to find outside help for their child ..Continue Reading

How To Keep Yourself Happy at Work

Getting back to work after a long weekend can be hard. We are sure that you are all feel “Is it that we are going back to routines? Is that we are going back to work? Or to be specific, is it that we are going back to work that we hate?” ..Continue Reading