How we work with schools

As educators and counselors we share the same objective—to help every child be successful. But each student is different and understanding their learning styles, challenges and skills can be hard without the right assessment tools and support. We developed the International Wellbeing Center (IWC) to support students, schools and parents ..Continue Reading

Scholastic and Behavioral Testing and Coaching

Are you concerned about your child’s performance or behavior at school? At the IWC, we can help. The first step to developing a strategy to help them is to understand the issue.We are the only facility in the Jakarta that offers a full set of scholastic, psychometric and behavioral assessments ..Continue Reading

Strategies for helping your child overcome anxiety

Is your child anxious? You aren’t alone. Many children struggle– learn how to help them over come those anxieties. When I was growing up my sister was scared of all human interactions. It used to drive me crazy when we would go to a store but she would refuse to ..Continue Reading