What is Counseling?

  Counseling is defined by the American Counseling Association as the professional relationship empowering diverse groups, families and individuals to achieve mental health, education, career and wellness goals. Through counseling, people get the help they may need to change the way they feel, behave and think, making it a collaborative ..Continue Reading

Finding the Best Well-Being Therapy in Jakarta

Everybody goes through different types of problems in their lifetime, but not everyone has the ability or the support they need to deal with such issues. If that is the case for you, don’t hesitate to go to a well-being therapy center in Jakarta for counseling and other services such ..Continue Reading

Counselor Spotlight: Cita

When you come for an appointment, usually we learn about you, but you don’t get to learn about us. In our Counselor Spotlight series you’ll get to meet some of our counselors and learn about their lives outside of the clinic. This month’s spotlight is shining on Cita! Cita is ..Continue Reading

IWC’s Blog

Here at the IWC our coaches and counselors are reading and thinking a lot. They’d like to share with you what they’re up to. On our blog you’ll find articles they find interesting, information about programs we have on and thoughts from our staff. Reach out if you’d like one ..Continue Reading