Four Horsemen of Relationship Apocalypse and How to Avoid Them

“And they lived happily ever after…” This sentence is often used as the closing line of love stories or fairy tales, which sadly, do not always come true in the real lives of married couples. Research shows that in the United States alone, around 41 percent of first marriages end ..Continue Reading

Warning signs of suicide and how you should respond

Warning signs are the behaviors and visible changes that may indicate that a person is thinking about or planning suicide. When we know and are able to notice the warning signs of suicide, they can help us identify those at risk. The more risk factors and warning signs exhibited, the ..Continue Reading

One life lost is one too many: Understanding suicide

Suicide is never easy. It is never easy to cope with the aftermath of a suicide, regardless of who committed suicide – whether a celebrity or someone we know. It is also difficult because suicide often raises more questions than answers: Why? They had all the money and success anyone ..Continue Reading