How To Keep Yourself Happy at Work

Getting back to work after a long weekend can be hard. We are sure that you are all feel “Is it that we are going back to routines? Is that we are going back to work? Or to be specific, is it that we are going back to work that we hate?” ..Continue Reading

Is your child returning to school? Here’s how to prepare

School vacation is the envy of all adults. Kids get to kick back, relax and basically live in a world where responsibilities are small and it is always playtime. Everyone loves a good break from the real world but for some children a break from structure can be challenging and ..Continue Reading

Counselor Spotlight: Cita

When you come for an appointment, usually we learn about you, but you don’t get to learn about us. In our Counselor Spotlight series you’ll get to meet some of our counselors and learn about their lives outside of the clinic. This month’s spotlight is shining on Cita! Cita is ..Continue Reading