Getting back to work after a long weekend can be hard. We are sure that you are all feel “Is it that we are going back to routines? Is that we are going back to work? Or to be specific, is it that we are going back to work that we hate?”

We think it is safe to say that there is no such thing as a perfect job. We all experience challenges at work from unclear job descriptions, tough relationships with colleagues, long working hours to that particular manager you hate.

When we have one, or two, or three of those conditions at work, we are at risk to develop some unnecessary stresses in our life. Some would experience a mild stress, while some would experience even more major stress that it starts affecting quality of life.

So then, how to escape from this unnecessary cycle of stress? Should we just quit the job? Maybe. If you have other better options. But what if you don’t? What can we do about it?

When something is beyond your control, the least you can do is be prepared for it and take control in ways you can. You cannot predict your manager’s mood today, or the workload. BUT here is the good news – you can always control your mood, your response, and your whole attitude towards it.

Here are some tips from our Psychologist Cita on  how to get back in game and make yourself happier at work:

Prepare yourself with a good healthy breakfast that you like


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Never ever skipped your breakfast! A good healthy breakfast will help you to prepare yourself physically and help keep you concentrate for the rest of the (hectic) day.

Exercise well


We all say we don’t have enough time to exercise, but we do it, it is just a matter of making time. Make exercise a habit. Consider getting up early so you can’t use work as an excuse. It does not have to be intense, perhaps you can just have a quick jog around the neighborhood or a few simple stretches by the bed! Exercise helps you release negative tension and helps you be better prepared to take on the stresses of the day.

Come earlier to the office


Do not come and sit at your desk at the last minute before your official work hour. It would only give you, another, unnecessary stress. Come earlier, say about 15 minutes before your work time. Grab some water, read some emails, and prepare your daily battle. By having extra time to prepare, it will helps you to be more physically and mentally ready to face the challenge.

Create your own “happy bubble”


It is important to know your limits. When you reach this limit take a break. If you know you too stressed to perform—take a break. Know yourself, what do you enjoy? Take a break, have a use a quick relaxation technique: listen to up beat music, or just go out and get some fresh air. Recharge so you can take on your next challenge.

Make time for lunch


If possible, manage your lunch time with some colleague or friends. Make a rule to not talk about work during lunch! You deserve the break, and all the good food!

Try to see the bright OR humorous side


We all have bad days every now and then. So try to find the brighter side, or even the humorous side to every aspects of your work! When you learn to be relax and able to laugh at yourself, you are able to better manage your mode.

Detach from Work


When it is the time to go home, if possible, please detach yourself from anything relating to work. If you know that nothing is urgent, don’t check your email. Or at the very least decide to have dinner without your email. This will help you to detach yourself from work and manage your other life aspects better

Reward of the day


Buy some sweets? Get a massage? Watch a good movie? Go on a vacation. You deserve it

Proper Sleep


Getting enough sleep is the final and most important step of the day. By having a proper sleep  you are able to physically and  emotionally recharging yourself. Try to turn off the lights and keep away from all electronic devices for about 15 minutes prior to your bed time, listen to calming music, and….. have good dreams.

Not enough?



Still feel that something is off? Perhaps you need more. Consider seeing a professional like a counselor or psychologist if you feel like you want to talk more about your concerns whether its with work or in your personal life.  Counselors act as coaches and they can help you develop new ways of stress management and strategize ways to manage your stress!



We hope this helps you get through your work day. Remember, always be gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself before bed.  Wishing you another great day at work! GOOD LUCK!

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