Is your child anxious? You aren’t alone. Many children struggle– learn how to help them over come those anxieties.
When I was growing up my sister was scared of all human interactions. It used to drive me crazy when we would go to a store but she would refuse to ask a question to find out where the milk was located. I used to think she was shy. But it was more than that– if you asked her to have an interaction she didn’t want to have she would scream at you. She was worried. She was anxious. But it was also distributive to our lives and certainly to hers. She worried about things I couldn’t even imagine. Sometimes we didn’t even know she was worried.

My mom, managed this much better than the rest of us. She started to speak to my sister about her fears before she did anything. Then she would, calmly talk her through different scenarios and help her processes the situation. My mom would then strongly encourage her to have the interaction. Over the years my sister became better and better at handling interactions with people. But more importantly, she grew to understand what she was really scared of and gained the tools to overcome those fears.

When your child is anxious it can be a stress for the whole family. But there are ways to manage this and help your child and your whole family. When you address these issues head on you’ll be much more successful.

There are ways to help them overcome their fears. This great article talks about some of those strategies and tools

Kids Can Quell Anxieties by Facing Them Head-On

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