As educators and counselors we share the same objective—to help every child be successful. But each student is different and understanding their learning styles, challenges and skills can be hard without the right assessment tools and support.

We developed the International Wellbeing Center (IWC) to support students, schools and parents in Jakarta. We want to work with you to help all your students be as successful as possible.

We are the only facility in the Jakarta that offers a full set of scholastic, psychometric and behavioral assessments and counseling or coaching.

We provide a holistic process to addressing a student’s needs. Our providers will meet a student and their parent to develop a plan based on the challenges th4-tips-for-a-smooth-back-to-school-transition-after-winter-break-1e student is facing. This plan, may or may not include clinic based assessments. Our coaches and counselors work with the student to develop strategies and tools to overcome their challenges and help them excel in school and life. We can work closely with the student’s schools to help train teachers on the needs and learning style of a particular student.

For some children our engagement ends after just a few sessions, other students will find coming to our center regularly will be life changing.

Our services go beyond counseling and assessments. We want to engage and work with schools to address behavioral and learning challenges. We can work with teacher to design individual learning plans or to better understand a child’s needs in the classroom. We can work with parents to help them create a home that is conducive to their child’s success.

The core of our services is our providers. Our providers are talented, creative and dedicated.
Our diverse set of providers, come with equally diverse skill sets. IWC counselors are all highly trained and qualified to meet international standards. We have both local and international providers, each with their own strengths, several of our providers are specially trained in child counseling and many have worked with schools throughout their careers.

How do we work with schools?
Our aim is to help schools support their students. There are several ways we can work together;
1) Provide student with scholastic and behavioral testing on a need be basis. We can provide the school with reports so you can do the follow up work at school or we can continue to support the student outside of school.
2) Work with school counselors to provide ongoing support for a student who may need extra attention.
3) Classroom based group preventative mental health care programs
4) Work with a counselor or teacher to create an individual learning plan for a student
5) Provide classroom assessments of particular students or groups of students.
6) Provide counseling for families or parents in need of support.
7) Provide training for teachers and staff at school about managing particular learning disabilities and behavioral challenges.
8) Provide personal support for a teacher or staff member who has a challenging classroom or student.
9) Provide support during a traumatic event for students, teachers, staff and or parents.

Call or email us to find out how we can work together.

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