July, 26th 2017 – As a part of partnership activities between International Wellbeing Center (IWC) and Wallstreet Indonesia (WSE), this July we delivered a talk show in one of WSE’s center in Ratu Plaza. During their social club session, we did a one hour talk to their professional members about how to make the best career decision and strategy. The session had an enthusiastic responses from over 20 young professionals who are still eager to upgrade their career on the corporate ladder.

IWC’s internationally licensed coach Rini Haerinissya delivered Career Compass: How to Make the Best-Life Changing Decisions that talked about the importance of understanding core values in order to set reasonable goals in a person’s life. Each person will have different values in life that he/she needs to discover as a foundation to discover dreams, passions, purposes, strengths and potentials. Then, a person can start setting goals that align with his/her values. That goals will be the opportunity to make the best decisions in fulfilling a dream career.

Coach Rini also mentioned that in IWC, the coaches can partnership with clients to develop action plan and clearer career map. Also, to deal with fears and limiting beliefs, so that you can stretch goals and manage self-transformation to create a better career future. During the interactive session, WSE members had the chance to discover and discuss about their most important values with the coach. They had the opportunity to discover themselves better and have the basic skills that help them making life-changing decisions in lives.

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