Join us for a seminar. During a seminar a psychologist or specialist provides information and strageties for a particular subject to a small group of people. These sessions typically last an hour.

Self- Care Remaining Resilient Seminar 
Learn to identify ongoing symptoms of stress and how to find a more healthy approach to the demands of work and home. Reconciling the demands of work and home can be a source of constant tension. Sleep disturbances, appetite changes, headaches, poor concentration, and irritability are common signs of too much stress. In this session, participants will learn to identify emotional and physical symptoms of stress, asses, their won situation, and learn hands-on techniques to bring balance to their work and personal life.

How Participants Will Benefit

  • Participants Will Learn To:
  • Recognize the Physical and Emotional Signs of Stress
  • Assess Their Own Life Balance Situation
  • Reduce the Stress of Transition from Home to Work
  • Create an Effective Family Unit
  • Implement Time Management Skills
  • Become Mindful of the Benefits of Self Care.

The Details

Saturday November 5th at 10 AM
International Wellbeing Center
350,000 IDR per Participant
Limited Space—Call now to reserve your space



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