July, 26th 2017 – International Wellbeing Center (IWC) is powered by Workplace Options (WPO) a leading provider in global employee assistance program, wellbeing and wellness coaching. WPO was invited by Gojek to do a talk show about the importance of wellbeing at work to boost employees’ productivity. IWC’s coach Rini Haerinissya delivered the talk that was attended by 20 energetic and active minded of gojek’s millennial employees.

To open the talk, coach Rini explained that wellbeing is more than just one emotion of being happy or mindful. Based on Gallup research in 150 countries, wellbeing consists of 5 aspects, they are purpose/career, social, security/financial, physical and community wellbeing. Coach Rini continued her explanation about wellbeing for the busy professional. One of the easiest way to support mental wellbeing for the busy bee is through mindfulness practice. Mindfulness will bring benefits to the workplace, especially to reduce stress and work-life balance.

At the end of the session, coach Rini gave a self-assessment form to the audience, so they could measure their own wellbeing state. She also coached them to do several practical mindfulness practice for the active minded people, they were monkey mind meditation and breathing exercise. These practical skills will be very beneficial for them to gain back focus and more productive in finishing their works.

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