August, 16th 2017 – International Wellbeing Center (IWC) is very pleased to announce that we develop a partnership with Bantu Manten to support brides and grooms with marriage preparation program through Symbis assessment. Today, IWC did a product knowledge presentation to Bantu Manten’s crew, so they can assist their clients better in explaining the benefits of Symbis. Bantu Manten is a premium wedding organizer that has been supporting couples (Indonesians and expatriates) to realize their dream wedding for many years. Both parties agree that happiness does not rely only on the perfect wedding. Happy marriage starts after the wedding. Research says that couples who do marriage preparation will have 30% more success and satisfaction in their marriage. Therefore, we want to give the best support and service for couples to get to know each other better and solid their teamwork for a life-term commitment.

Symbis is a trusted assessment tool to help couples prepare for marriage. Only certified Symbis counsellors like we have in IWC can facilitate the process. We will send you a Symbis online assessment that will be taken by prospective bride and groom. Based on the summary report from Symbis, our counsellors can use it to facilitate discussion with the couple. Several Symbis face-to-face sessions are often needed to clarify goals, personalities, expectations, relational wellbeing and much more that premarital couples need to agree on before entering marriage life. Symbis results and discussion will help to strengthen your love and relationship. For more information about Symbis, click these links to watch the videos and

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