August, 12th 2017 – As part of the partnership between International Wellbeing Center (IWC) and Wallstreet Indonesia (WSE), IWC becomes the regular wellbeing speaker for WSE members in their social club activities. This time, IWC had the pleasure to do a talk show in WSE’s center at Mall Kelapa Gading. IWC’s life coach and yoga instructor Rini Haerinnisya shared her knowledge about reaching mindfulness through practicing yoga Asana.

She opened her talk with an interesting scientific fact about the differences between male and female brain and why they affect the different ways of male and female behaviours and thinking. These differences can be revealed through understanding how the male and female brains work and connect, it’s called “connectome”. A typical male brain, most connections run between the front and back parts of the same brain hemisphere. This could account for the better spatial skills and motor (muscle) control in men. Whereas a typical female brain, many neural connections go from side to side across the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Scientists say this could account for women’s better verbal skills, multitasking and intuitive abilities. For that reasons of women’s abilities to do and think this and that at the same time, mindfulness practice is proven to be more useful for women. Although practicing mindfulness can also bring great benefits for men, physically and emotionally. Rini continued her explanation by describing the meaning of mindfulness, “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in that present moment, and non-judgementally”. Practicing mindfulness helps with personal development and life-changing attitudes, such as becoming non-judging, more patience, nurturing, acceptance, letting go and generosity. For both men and women, these life-changing attitudes will bring so many improvements, such as personal empowerment, permits choice and compassion, reveals limiting beliefs, sense of calm and clarity, reduce stress and pain soothing. In a nutshell, practicing mindfulness would give anyone so many benefits for physical, emotional, mental and relational.

Coach Rini then continued her talked by showing several activities that anyone could do to practice mindfulness. She called the practice as “BOYS. B is for practicing deep breathing as the foundation of any yoga movements and mindfulness. Controlling breathing will help relaxation and improve physical health. O is for being observant and curious. Be mindful of surroundings and always see things as they are, this practice will help to gain back focus and attention. Y is for yogasana/mindful movements. Coach Rini showed several yoga movements that would help to reach mindfulness. She practiced the movements with the audience, such as utkatasana, vajrasana, balasana, virabharasana and tadasana. The last one is S for soothing meditation to help reaching mind clarity.

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