It is suggested for high school students to understand their interest and personality, which can be used for them to make the best career decision. Binus International School and International Wellbeing Center are in cooperation to support students in discovering their future through Holland Personality Test and Career Talk. Child-parent counselors from International Wellbeing Center are working together with Binus’ school counselors to implement the assessment and arranging workshop topics that can support students to manage their expectations and develop their goals to achieve full potentials.

Holland interests test can determine the student’s areas of interest and matches that to careers. The principal idea is that in order to be successful and satisfied with your career, you have to be passionate about the type of work you do. In other words, interest is passion. After taking the test, students will immediately receive a report that explains everything, includes; list of careers that match, list of careers to avoid and general description of what type of work is a match and why. Our three counselors Lia Sutisna, Santi Cornain and Se Ra Jang then gave career workshop to guide students on how to make the final big decision. They talked about different types of personality based on Holland test, life values, mind mapping, goals setting, group activities to implement their personality into the business plan and how to speak your mind assertively.  



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