July, 8-9 2017 – International Wellbeing Center (IWC) supported the Funtaustic Festival 2017 which was held in Among Putro SkyWorld, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). In this national scale festival, Indonesian government and special needs community collaborated to develop and endorse these special kids’ potentials. This event also tried to give more education to parents and public about special needs children through talk shows and seminars. Many prominent sources, nutritionist and child psychologist share their knowledge and experiences to support families with special children. Autism children participated in many creative activities and competition to show their talents and hidden potentials, such as music competition, dancing performance, art exhibition,  painting, therapy experience and counselling.

IWC opened a counselling booth, supporting parents to better understand and care their autistic children. We also gave the parents a learning style assessment to help them in creating a more effective learning strategy for their kids. The booth had so many positive responses from parents due to the counsellors’ practical and spot on advices on how to handle special needs children. During the event, IWC was so honoured to have Dr. Seto Mulyadi as the Chief of National Commission for Child Protection’s Advisory Board visited IWC booth and had discussion with our child counsellors about the best therapies and education for special children.

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