September, 28 2017-International Wellbeing Center (IWC) and Linc Indonesia (known as linc.id) are collaborating to make a series of video campaign that discusses the importance of mental health and issues related to it. The videos will convey testimonials from people who are experiencing difficult situations in life and had to deal with anxiety, stress, loneliness or depression. IWC’s counselors will talk about how to take care mental health better and give some practical tips and solutions to manage and overcome those problems. We are hoping that this campaign will open the public’s eyes to be more aware of their own mental health and not afraid to reach out for professional help if their surroundings are not understanding enough to give the needed support. We are also hoping that people can be more considerate and non-judgemental with their friends and family who are experiencing mental health issues.

This first video we shooted talk about the issue of loneliness and isolation which could lead to severe depression. Loneliness may happen from situations like culture shock, having trouble balancing personal and work/study life, going through major changes in life and much more.  We encourage people who experience this to seek professional help so that they can find the roots of problems and deal with it more effectively.



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