November, 5th 2017-In November, International Wellbeing Center (IWC) supported AXA Mandiri’s Fitnation Festival, a series of the health campaign to endorse healthy lifestyle and wellbeing activities. The missions were to promote the importance of physical and mental health to prevent and reduce the impact of behavioral health conditions in Indonesia’s communities. This is an early intervention strategy to develop healthy Indonesians by exposing them to numerous practical and solution focused wellbeing programs, such as physical exercise, relaxation, mental health service, health care, healthy nutrition, lifestyle management and health insurance. We believe that healthy Indonesians inside and out will create a more productive, resilient, contented and peaceful community for the betterment of the country. During the event, IWC opened an activity booth that offered two wellbeing assessments for children/parents and adults, based on the results, visitors could talk and discussed their issues with our 4 stand-by counselors. Our child/parent counselors also did a talk show that discussed the importance of developing healthy mental health in the family to secure happiness and fulfilled life.

International Wellbeing Center was so pleased to support the program because mental health was one of the main focus for early prevention. Mental disorders can have a powerful effect on the health of individuals, their families, and their communities. These kind of mental disorders (such as, chronic stress, severe depression, anxieties, loneliness, personality disorders, etc) are among the top conditions that cause disability and carry a high burden of disease, resulting in significant costs to families, employers and publicly funded health systems. These mental conditions can lead to other chronic diseases both mental and physical, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, altered brain function, impaired immunity, alcohol and drug abuse, decrease memory and learning ability (dementia and Alzheimer, lack of concentration, losing focus, increase stress level, anxiety disorders and depression. By 2020, mental disorders will surpass all physical diseases as a major cause of disability worldwide. Therefore, preventing mental disorders and its related problems in children, adolescents, young adults, and adults are critical to Indonesians’ behavioral and physical health.

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