July, 25th 2017 – Once again, International Wellbeing Center (IWC) was invited by Wallstreet Indonesia (WSE) to deliver a talk during their social club event in Pondok Indah Mall center. Se Ra Jang, our child-parent psychologist was the keynote speaker during the event. She talked about “Find the Path to Your Dream Job” to 25 members of WSE Pondok Indah Mall. Most of the members are high school and university students, so they are still trying to find out what kind of life or career will suit them best.

Se Ra opened the discussion with the different between getting to know what is job, career and dream. After knowing the importance of earning money from having a job and getting experiences from having a career, the members were asked to draw a life map to find out about their dreams in lives. And thus will help them to realize what is important for them to achieve and the types of career that will support their dreams. Se Ra enriched the interactive discussion by showing the audience about Holland Career Theory which showed 6 types of personalities to find a match career. They are Investigative or the thinkers, Realistic or the do-ers, Conventional or the organizers, Enterprising or the persuaders, Social or the helpers and Artistic or the Creators. Se Ra also mentioned that parents encourage their kids to take the Holland Interest/Career test in IWC to help them find out their personality and design their suitable career.

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