Frequently Ask Questions and Answers about International Wellbeing Center (IWC)

A: IWC is located in Darmawangsa Square on 3rd floor, unit 336-337. We are open from Monday to Saturday at 09.00-18.00. However, it is possible to book sessions before and after hours (this depends on the availabilities of the counsellors/coaches).

A: All of our sessions are by appointment only. We highly recommend that you call +62 81290529034 or request online appointment by email to ensure you can bee seen as soon as possible. We welcome walk ins who wants to visit the center, but appointments can not be made for the same day. However, for urgent cases, we can try to accommodate your needs on the same day based on the counsellors’ or coaches availability.

A: Please contact IWC for detailed services and pricing information.

A: All of our individual counselling and coaching sessions are 50 minutes long. However, the initial intake of counselling and coaching will last for 75 minutes. For group counselling or coaching, the sessions will last for 2 to 1 hour 45 minutes long. Please call us for more information about this matter.

A: We don’t directly dispense medication or other supporting drugs, etc. Nor do we provide prescriptions.

A: When you start talking with our counsellor or coach, everything you will say is between you and your counsellor/coach. With the exception you report that you are going to hurt yourself, mention child abuse of a minor. Unless you sign a form giving us permission to speak to someone, we can not disclose any information to anyone. IWC does everything it can to protect your right to confidential care and support.

A: Our team is internationally licensed and trained counsellors and coaches consist of prominent professionals with years of multinational experiences. Every IWC counsellors is practicing under clinical supervision. They get frequent collaborative review for their clinical work which comply with world class clinical best practice standards accordingly to American Psychological Association's professional practice guidelines.
Our team offers diverse support to adults, young children, teenagers, couples and families—Indonesian or expatriate.
Our junior and senior counsellors are equally qualified. All of our counsellors meet our high standards of experience, training and certification. All adhere to the American Psychological Association Standards of Care. What distinguish them is the years of practice. Senior counsellors have been practicing clinical work for over 5 years, whereas our juniors have been practicing for 3 to 5 years.

A: We are happy to share our team profiles, so you can get to know us better and choose accordingly to your needs and preferences. Every IWC counsellors will give the same confidential, comfort, support and care that you need. We ensure you will be seen as soon as possible, and try to manage the counsellors availability accordingly to your most convenience time.

A: Our team speaks fluent English. Our clinical services are designed for multinational needs. We deliver the clinical work, coaching and assessments in Bahasa Indonesia, English and Korea.

A: Generally, we recommend weekly, if not possible, fortnightly sessions, with your counsellor in the early stages of the counselling relationship. This is to ensure the context and intricacies of your situation is well understood by your counsellor and progress can be steadily tracked until you start seeing substantial changes in your life. Remember, counselling is a highly dynamic process that takes time and commitment before you start to feel real change. Patience is key. As you start to see real change, you can then discuss about the need to change the frequency of visits with your counsellor. There is no one-sized fits all schedule when it comes to frequency. In many ways, you will shape your own direction and experience in collaboration with the expertise and experience of your counsellor.

A: Yes, we provide a range of psychological tests and deliver multiple modalities of counselling and psychotherapy. Feel free to speak to us about a specific psychological test or modality of psychotherapy you are interested in and we will match you with the resident expert on our team.

A: You can expect a professional, confidential experience from the time you make your first appointment. Before you arrive for your first appointment, we ask that you fill out (online) a general intake form. And, sign a statement that you understand our confidentiality policy. During the first session, your counsellor/coach will most likely ask lots of questions in order to get to know you. There are no right or wrong answers; we are not here to judge you but to simply try to understand you. The more direct and honest you are, the more helpful we can be.
We may help you find solutions, but we will not tell you what to do. We value the individuality of every human being and encourage you to share as much or as little with us as you like. In many ways, you will shape the direction your experience takes.

A: Anything that happens in life is fair game for counselling/coaching, but some common things people come talk to us about are: depression, homesickness, loneliness, trouble transitioning into college, life transitions, self-esteem, relationship struggles, anxiety, surviving abuse, academic difficulties, questions about sexuality and sexual orientation, nutrition and eating disorders, weight loss, fitness achievement, rape and sexual assault, spiritual growth, stress management, substance abuse and awareness, and general wellness concerns. If it is important to you, we are here to listen.

A: We believe a certain level of healing takes place from meeting face to face with a counsellor/coach in real time, and therefore encourage clients to come to the Center to meet in person. However, we do understand that this may not always be realistic considering Jakarta’s infamous traffic or busy schedule! That being said, we do and will offer telephonic and web-based support, if requested.